What more can we ask for?

Generation gaps are widening, wages are declining, mortgages are not being approved, house prices are rising and you cannot even afford to rent a place in Sydney?

But has BIG WORLD HOMES found the solution? 

Big World Homes  is a social enterprise that creates pop-up and transitional communities. Their ambassador Ella Colley states that teams have been working together on ‘Ikea for Homes’ with developers, governments and community organisations in order to address the growing issues of homelessness and the lack of social housing. This way, they have come up with a great solution of creating affordable housing in urban areas ESPECIALLY SYDNEY.

AND THEREFORE homes were creatively designed to create a ‘transitional community’ which allowed people to move into home ownership for the long-term.

A HOME that is insulated, weatherproofed, comes with a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and collects rainwater, solar panels and reduces our carbon footprint? For only a fraction of your pay? WE SAY YES!

“Guinea Pigs” (of course human beings!) will be testing these homes next year and hopefully if this trial is a success, majority of the Australian population will be able to save up all the expenses spent on rent for their deposit on their first homes. This idea really aims to work with local councils and develops to make a use out of unused land in the city and create ‘pop-up’ communities using these ‘Big World Homes’.

WE DEFINITELY SUPPORT THIS GREATE AND INNOVATIVE IDEA! Let’s stop the housing affordability crisis together!

All ideas in this blogpost were sourced from HERE

-Roof Us First



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