Living on $24/Day? Do you suffer from Rental Stress?



More than 25 per cent of Newstart Allowance (financial help if you are looking for work or participating in approved activities that may increase your changes of finding a job) recipients in Australia – 76,951 – suffer from severe ‘rental stress’, meaning that they are paying more than 50 per cent of their income on rent (ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!). This number has more than doubled in the last 15 years from just 32,500 to almost 76,950!

Especially if you are a ‘low-income household’, survivng on less than $24/day means that you may have to sacrifice necessities such as food, water, travelling to job appointments OR even having access to the Internet!

The Coalition is also planning to cut the $4.40/week energy supplement which assists low-income households with some support on their energy bills. If the Government continues to remove these incentives, more and more individuals who are on the brink of homelessness may fall into poverty devaluing their quality of life!



If you look at the above rates of what payments the Government can provide families with, the maximum payment per fortnight is only $173.18 only if your fortnightly rent is more than $457.15. This means that on a weekly basis, you are only entitled to $86.59 and currently rent prices are almost $400 a week. Obviously, these Government payments are not reflecting the current nature of the competitive rental market with the rental prices continuing to grow. This ultimately leaves a lot of families giving  up their necessities in order to pay off the rent.

Let us know down below if you think you could survive these crazy house prices in Australia, let alone survive on only $24/day!

All information from this blogpost was cited from The Guardian

-Roof Us First


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