MP Scott Morrison said WHAT?!



The Coalition government’s favourite thing to do is always to “think about things” rather than doing anything to address the growing crisis of housing affordability. Rather than implementing his predecessor Joe Hockey’s ideology of “get a job, a job that pays well”, Morrison has taken it one step further and diverted the public’s attention away from the concepts of ‘negative gearing’ and ‘capital gains tax’ into something more ridiculous like “high housing costs are a supply problem an the states really should do something about it”.

Well…. the team here at Roof Us First will tell you…. NO IT’S NOT!

Remember in one of our earlier posts we told you about the concepts of negative gearing and the capital gains tax and how it affects the house prices in Sydney or Australia in general? This forces rents prices to soar because people are trying to make the money they lost back through high rental prices, which drives the rental affordability crisis.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. These policies are making Australian housing very expensive and social housing is become much more harder to come by BECAUSE the housing market is being controlled by heartless taxes which cause an increase in inequality in wealth acquisition.

If you want to read more about this recent heated debate, please head over to: Housing is Scott Morrison’s favourite sort of problem – someone else’s – with a fix years away and let us know what you think about this growing crisis!

All ideas were sourced from here!

-Roof Us First


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